happy world coconut day!

happy world coconut day!

World Coconut Day is September 2 each year with this celebration starting in 2009. Coconut trees are considered the tree of life which sustains family wellbeing particularly in Asian countries including Vietnam where “Life of Coco” coconuts are grown and hand crafted. Supporting local community…where we don’t negotiate on pricing to provide ample support to their community.

The coconut tree is commonly referred to as the “Tree of Life” as it provides endless products. From leaves to roots, most parts of the coconut tree are used in some way to provide food, shelter, medicine, and fuel. The use for the coconut was enhanced further with the “Coconut water boom” in the 2000s within the western society.

To celebrate one of the most special days of the year for our brand, we have got a coco deal for you – All coconut bowls are priced at $10. Mini, regular, jumbo, carved, mantra bowls…every single bowl is only $10 each.  Now is the time to mix and match your favourite styles. Jumbo coconut bowls, regular coconut bowls, smooth coconut bowls, natural coconut bowls, carved coconut bowls, mantra coconut bowls – IT’S ALL $10 EACH!

Our coconut bowls are perfect for snacks, breakfast bowls and smoothies’ bowls from toddlers to adults.

Our jumbo coconut bowl range are still perfect for the above mentioned but are also commonly used when sharing salads and treats.

Our customers tell us that our coconut bowls have them dreaming of their favourite holiday destinations. Our boho carved coconut bowls have been inspired but some of the most beautiful places in the world where coconuts reside, or island dreaming is a reality. This coconut bowl range includes Boracay coconut bowl, Penida coconut bowl, Cancun coconut bowl, Tahiti coconut bowl and Waikiki coconut bowl.

Don’t forget to add on one of our reusable wooden spoons and cutlery which come in an ebony or coconut colour to pair with your latest coconut bowl. Coconut trees have a life span of 60-80 years with the wood from these trees being used to create our wooden cutlery products.

We salute you “Tree of Life”. 

Let’s be kind to the planet together!

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