Our story

Life of Coco was born from a walk along the coastline of Mount Martha in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

We (Co-Founders Elena and Joe) were shocked by the sheer volume of rubbish from plastic water bottles, thongs and empty beer bottles that interrupted the views of one of our favourite coastal locations.  We had never seen anything like this in Australia. As beach lovers, we refused to walk away and allow this rubbish to end up in the waterways that we share with our local dolphins and sea life.  We utilised the empty beer boxes that were left behind and collected as much rubbish as possible that we could fit in our car (if only we took a photo to share how scary it really was).

We couldn’t take that sight out of our minds. We refused to accept that we were two “nobodies” that couldn’t make a difference. So, we set out to build a brand that focussed on providing eco-friendly alternatives and to create a movement in a fun and unique way, through sustainable coconut bowls and beautiful bamboo products! And that’s how “Life of Coco” was born.

Let’s be kind to the planet together!