switch off for Earth Hour 2022

switch off for Earth Hour 2022

Join the Life of Coco team and switch off for Earth Hour Saturday 26 March at 8:30PM local time.

There will be millions of people from Australia and across the world switching off for this year’s Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a special event for the Life of Coco team as this is closely linked to our mission “to protect the beauty of our planet for us and generations to come providing eco-friendly alternatives to single use plastic”. Climate change is impacting our environment as evident by shifts in our temperature and weather patterns.  Devastating floods and bushfires are just some examples of how climate change is impacting our beautiful country and communities. As “under the sea” enthusiasts it has been terrible to see firsthand the impacts that coral bleaching is having on our amazing Great Barrier Reef.

The great news is that it isn’t too late to reverse the projected long-term impacts.  Earth hour provides the perfect platform to start the conversation.

How you can help this Earth Hour!

  • Simply mention Earth hour to 5 family or friends before this Saturday 26 March asking if they will be participating
  • Speak to 5 family or friends after this Saturday 26 March to see if people participated in Earth Hour and discuss ways that you can still support our environment
  • With Earth Hour being a “hot topic” over the coming week it is the perfect time to ask your local community, school or workplace to understand what they are doing to support Earth Hour and protect climate change
  • Consider fundraising or donating to support wildlife particularly for the areas impacted by the floods in Queensland and NSW.  Funds would support nursing injured animals back to health, repair wildlife facilities damaged by floods and help flood-damaged tree planting projects which are critical to the survival of koalas.
  • Simply switch off for Earth Hour this Saturday 26 March at 8:30PM local time
  • Light a Life of Coco coconut candle from our range this Earth Hour 

At Life of Coco, we are grateful that we also can play an important role for you in supporting the event by offering coconut candles to use during Earth Hour. And as a thank you for reading this blog, here is a secret code to receive $15 off any single coconut candle.  Use the code “EARTHHOUR” to receive $15 off with the offer ending Sunday 27 March 2022 at 11:59PM AEST.

Have a happy Earth Hour Saturday 26 March at 8:30PM local time.

 “Let’s be kind to the planet together”

From the team at Life of Coco

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