go “coco” this afterpay day sale!

go “coco” this afterpay day sale!

Welcome to Life of Coco’s first “Afterpay Day” sales event.  The team went a little “Coco” with these deals offering up to 50% off some of our top-selling bundles and products. Click here to see these amazing deals which includes our favourite bundles (coconut bowls, bamboo cups, bamboo straws, wooden cutlery), as well as coconut candles and bamboo straws.  

So firstly, why choose sustainable products?  The answer is simple - to protect the beauty of our planet for us and generations to come.  Life of Coco support this by providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. It is estimated that we use 10.5m single use straws in Australia everyday. Plastic products are often used for minutes and spend up to 1000 years to decompose often ending up in our oceans and wrapped around or ingested by the beautiful sea life.  Reducing our waste benefits the environment by minimising production of new materials and therefore reduces greenhouse gas emissions– upcycling is the way to go where possible.

Afterpay day Offers:

50% off bundles! We’ve taken 50% off a few of our top selling bundles which are perfect for 2 or 4 people which include coconut bowls, bamboo cups, bamboo straws and reusable wooden cutlery.

Candles – the team couldn’t have a great sale without including our most loved candles.  All of our coconut shell candles are 100% eco-friendly and sustainably sourced, clean-burning and naturally-scented. Try one or try them all with amazing scents including Toasted Coconut, Vanilla, Tropical and Salted Caramel. Made from high quality coconut soy wax, they have a burn time of up to 35 hours.

Straws – Reusable straws should be a part of everyone’s artillery so we couldn’t resist, and we hope that you choose bamboo too!

Our coconut bowls and bamboo products are 100% sustainable, sourced from rural farms in Vietnam and crafted with care. Destined for landfill, these bowls symbolise our zero waste dream of transforming everyday waste into beautiful things.

Let’s be kind to the planet together! 

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